Sorba Freeze pad 4 x 3  Ref: 2680b
Sorba-Freeze is the most flexible refrigerant packaging product (often known as gel pads) used within the food industry and has been at the forefront of refrigerated packaging solutions since 1991. Today it is used by many artisan food producers and the fish industry for which it was originally invented.

Sorba-Freeze has many benefits over the more traditional freezer pad:

  • By placing sheets under, around or on top of your products, the freezer pads evenly control the temperature of all the food in the box.

  • Sorba-Freeze doesnt melt so there is no risk of soggy packaging or damage to other items.

  • It can be wrapped around food helping to protect it whilst on the move.

  • Even when defrosted, Sorba-Freeze maintains an inherent coldness within the gel making it ideal for use at picnics, BBQs and outdoor catering events.

    Increasingly, Sorba-Freeze refrigerant packaging is used by caterers when transporting food to indoor and outdoor events.

    For extra temperature control, simply wrap the food and Sorba-Freeze in bubble wrap.

    Not only can Sorba-Freeze be used to keep the food cool during transit, but even when the cells defrost, the inherent coldness remains within the gel. By placing a buffet platter on top of a sheet of Sorba-Freeze, the food will remain fresher for longer.

    Trade benefits include:

  • It is easily stored. A box of Sorba-Freeze is the equivalent of a pallet of water filled packaging.

  • You control costs by using exactly what you need in sheet form or from the perforated roll.

    This product can be branded, it can have your company logo on it or you can have words.

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